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Entrepreneurs organizations that focus on ESG companies: Survey

New Delhi: A large number of investors in institutions around the world focus on corporate environment, culture and corporate governance (ESG) when making financial decisions. Some studies have suggested that investors may leave companies that do not have a good environmental record. According to a study by the EY Global Institutional Investor Survey-2021, 74 percent of corporate investors have “no money” opportunities due to ESG’s poor performance.

The survey interviewed more than 320 people who set up organizations in 19 countries, including 15 respondents in India. This is the sixth year of EY research. According to the report, 92 percent of investors said they made the decision based on the benefits of the “green revival” in the last 12 months.

EY vice-president of Assurance Marie-Laure Delaru said, “It is clear that the COVID-19 epidemic has caused investors to put more emphasis on ESG. There are good signs that this is starting to become a reality. action boldly to bring ESG performance to the center of decision-making.


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