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Encouraging Thoughts on Hindi Victory Lakshmi Ji Doesn’t Bless Those Who Are Angry With Evil Do Know Safalta Ki Kunji


Safalta Ki Kunji, Motivational Thoughts in Hindi:The secret to success is to make money. Experts view it as a major weapon. In the scriptures, Lakshmi ji is described as a goddess of wealth. When the blessings of Lakshmi ji are received, then there is no shortage of money in life. Dignity increases and glory increases.

Laxmi ji does not like certain things. Lakshmi ji loves cleanliness. Those who do not follow the rules of hygiene, do not get the blessings of Lakshmi ji. Along with this, there are other things, to care for which the grace of Lakshmi ji remains.

Anger- The secret to success is that Lakshmi does not like those who are angry. Even in Gita, Lord Krishna described anger as man’s greatest enemy. When a person gives in to anger he forgets what is right and what is wrong. Sometimes he does this with deep emotion, which is why he feels so despondent and needs to repent for the rest of his life.

waste of money The secret to success is that money should not be squandered. Lakshmi ji leaves such people who spend money hurting others. In the future, such ones will also experience suffering.

Avoid what is bad The secret of success is that if you want to be rich and if the grace of Lakshmi ji is water, then you must avoid all evil. Evil destroys a person’s character, the consequences of evil are evil in all cases. Thus, for one to be successful, one must not do wrong or bad things.

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