Discarded wooden barn homes at The Carpenters Ark | Photo Credit: Mary Malini

Cowbells at A Bee In The Garden

Every Christmas, Soumya Thomas-Joseph and her team at the Bengaluru-based studio craft a range of handmade products such as ornaments, gift bags, fabric baskets, and Christmas stockings using locally sourced fabric. “Our raw materials are sourced from various markets across India and our popular Christmas bells are created using cowbells made by artisans from Kutch,” she says. An ornament with hand embroidery detailing takes anywhere between 1-1.5 hours to make. Upwards of ₹140. @a_bee_in_the_garden on Instagram

Cowbell ornaments by A Bee In The Garden

Cowbell ornaments by A Bee In The Garden | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Discarded wooden barn homes at The Carpenters Ark

For Mary Malini, who works out of a tiny studio, The Ark, in Chennai, Christmas is usually the busiest time of the year. But, this year is a bit different. “I am on a partial break and don’t have my usual Christmas shop. But, I have limited pieces of Christmas barn house ornaments,” says Mary, who works with discarded wood.

Ornaments at The Carpenters Ark

Ornaments at The Carpenters Ark | Photo Credit: Mary Malini

The artist collects wood from various sources such as timber shops, construction sites, and “sometimes people send me any excess wood they have in their homes”, she says. In shades of red, white, green, and natural brown, the barn houses have a golden roof and a tiny bell on top. “The process of making these ornaments starts with selecting the right wood, and then measuring, cutting, sanding, painting, and varnishing. It almost took three days to make a few boxes.” A box of three ornaments costs ₹2,100. @thecarpentersark on Instagram

Banana fiber candy canes at Runway Nagaland

Stars, baubles, greeting cards and candy canes crafted with banana fiber are the highlights of the all-women team at Runway Nagaland’s Christmas collection. There are also cheery cushion covers with reindeer, snowflake, and wreath motifs. Don’t miss the hamper with 10 ornaments and a banana fiber basket (₹999). Runwayindia.in

Banana fiber candy canes at Runway Nagaland

Banana fiber candy canes at Runway Nagaland | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Plantable snowmen at Sow and Grow

This year, how about purchasing a set of ornaments that do not go back to the loft until next Christmas, but turn into a plant? After plantable Ganesha idols and Deepavali diyas, Sow and Grow has now launched a set of six plantable Christmas ornaments comprising a tree, snowman, baubles and a gingerbread man. Enclosed are seeds of marigold, brinjal, basil, and tomato. ₹650 on amala.earth/ There is also a decor artefact in pine wood (₹1,299) by Think Artly on the platform that has three earthy Christmas trees for your desk.

Macrame ornament at Jaypore

Macrame ornament at Jaypore | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Macrame Santas at Jaypore

Give your tree a handmade touch with macrame ornaments featuring Santa Claus, a tree, candy cane and wreath. In shades of red and white, they come in a set of five (₹1,749). If ceramics are more to your liking, the e-store also has a set of pink and white terracotta ornaments. Intricately carved, they come in a set of four tree and snowflake motifs (₹648). jaypore.com

Ornaments at Jute Junction

Ornaments at Jute Junction | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Jute pine trees at Jute Junction

This year, Ayushi Agrawal has launched a set of ornaments comprising hearts, stars and pine trees crafted in jute. Available in sets of 6, 10, 12 and 24. Also part of the eco-Christmas catalog are tree skirts, stockings and wine bottle holders crafted in the earthy material. @jutejuction on Instagram


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