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Eco-vouchers for rice inheritance, organic produce, and home care. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items

The past few years have not only seen an increase in ‘discerning’ consumers, but also those who give gifts differently. It should be green, clay diyas or planting cards and crackers, there is a noticeable change in the way we share – disposable plastic lanterns and sculptures that are thrown up or given to a neighbor! Now, the gifts are loved and used.

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Finding a place in our local markets and zero shops (Jonah Fernandes and Eldridge Lobo’s Ecoposro in Goa, Pune’s Adrish, Bittu John’s 7 to 9 Green Store without plastic in Ernakulam), merchants making everything planted, and bakers eating at home. firefighters.

So this year, the sweets are messing around, here are our picks for those who want to give away their green celebrations:

New app @ Eco Indian, Chennai

One of Chennai’s oldest garbage dumps that brought us back to the idea of ​​carrying our containers to buy rice and porridge (canned), oil (in metal containers), and other everyday non-plastic packaging, has a lot to offer. in store this festive season. In addition to launching their Ecoindian – Zerowaste Organic Shopping app (for Android), they have been launching a four- to six-week subscription program for vegetables, fruits, and store items in the categories of home care, natural foods, seeds, etc. Co-founder Prem Antony says he will keep standard prices throughout the season, and customers may choose to ship between Tuesday and Friday each week. Installation on November 12. 08124001177. ecoindian.com

Diwali subscription exchange

Selected boxes @ Verth, Jaipur

If your company is looking for a non-profit gift plan, offer registration boxes starting at Jaipur. They have a wide range of options available for companies, preferences and wedding gifts. Each box contains a variety of natural ingredients for home care, beauty, food, and more, from the well-known groups of White Mountain Collectives, Wild Ideas, Sleepy Owl, and local artisans. Our choices are Immunity Care Box ($ 1,799), including Paul and Mike’s chocolate honey, seasonal yogurt, and eye mask, and Zero Waste Kitchen Box ($ 825) with coconut coir scrubs, organic. dishwashing soap, wax coatings, metal detergents, and more. All the boxes are packed and come with non-plastic packs. Registration plans at ₹ 4,440 for one year, ₹ 2,280 for six months. verthbox.com. 8879488819

Community Plans @ The Eco Store, Bengaluru

Sorry diyas and mithai boxes, and consider the veggie registration function instead. Mixed baskets with produce, milk, bread, spices, home care, and more, from The Eco Store is a great option for those looking for a plan for their area and / or home. The organization also has a Green Circle Program where members receive rewards for each purchase, as well as the ‘Refer a Friend’ option, which section you and your partner can have as discount coupons. Monthly registration for the Mega Vegetable Basket starts at ₹ 2,691. 9845689551. theecostore.in

Hands of an old man carrying a box full of fresh vegetables and raw carrots, tomato, mustard, parsley, dill and lettuce.  Field with lettuce in the back.

Hands of an old man carrying a box full of fresh vegetables and raw carrots, tomato, mustard, parsley, dill and lettuce. Field with lettuce in the back.

Gift cards @ Eco Lyfe, Chennai

The next time you go to a garbage dump that sells everything from plain rice to minced meat to prisons and pesticides, take a gift card or two (religions ₹ 1,000 and ₹ 2,000). Launched earlier this year with Lyfe and Soul Garden Bistro in Alwarpet, Eco Lyfe also features meat candy, fire extinguishers, natural rice, and much more for the holiday season. @Eko_lyfe on Instagram. 9080062885

Diwali subscription exchange

Heritage rice @ Spirit of the Earth, Chennai

From 2017, the seeds of the heritage as fragrant sukhdas from Uttar Pradesh, or Orissa’s kalajeera aka baby basmati, mildly sweet kala bhat from West Bengal, a red color of Kerala thavalai kanna matta, or the Tamil Nadu itself kuzhiyadichan has reached rice lovers across the country with the permission of Chennai’s Spirit of the Earth. The best way to introduce someone to India’s richest rice is to register them in their Heritage Rice of India (₹ 3,300 for one year) registration box containing 500 gm of some specialized rice, cooking card, and a quarterly memory. . Bring empty cans and boxes every three months and you will receive 500 grams of some delicious rice. spirit of the world.in

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