Customs officials seized 90 crore heroin from two Ugandan women at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. These women came to India as medical guests.

For this reason, an official report on Saturday stated that authorities seized 12.9 kg of heroin from two travelers who arrived in India from Nairobi, Kenya via Abu Dhabi on the night of November 12 and 13. that the price of seized drugs is approximately Rs 90 crore in the global market.

The smugglers, along with drug traffickers, passed through several parts of the country, including Uganda, Kenya and India, before being arrested, he said. He hid the heroin in his briefcase, which was made in a special place in a suitcase. A group of Indian Customs dogs at Delhi airport, smelling the passengers’ luggage, indicated the presence of alcohol in the bag, he said.

After a thorough investigation and interrogation, the two women on board admitted to bringing heroin to a designated area under a fake-plastic base on both sides of the suitcase. It was a vacuum filled with plastic and paper with a purple powder or crystalline form of heroin granules, the term says.

According to the interview, one of the two passengers on board revealed that she had been introduced to a Kenyan citizen, who had promised to pay for some goods in Delhi. Tested by this, he walked down the road from Kampala to Nairobi, where a Kenyan citizen gave him a ticket and other travel documents as a medical check-up and bag to be delivered to Delhi.

“He was supposed to deliver the goods to a person who would tell him when he left the airport, stopped by customs officials, carrying a bag containing 5.4 kilograms of heroin. on the same trip.He was caught in the same way how 7.5 kg of heroin was hidden in the two bags he had.

It is alleged that in an initial interview, the woman revealed that she boarded her sister on the above flight from Kampala to Nairobi on the road and from there to Delhi via Abu Dhabi. They also had false documents of a medical visitor.


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