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Cryptocurrency Recently Price Today Traders have grown in 24 hours cryptocurrency anonymous rose 70000 percent – Business News India


Recent Cryptocurrency Price Today: Cryptocurrency prices are usually headlines. In many cases, it is because of high inflation, in which investors earn huge profits. Due to the sudden drop in prices, investors are likely to lose out more often. But the chances of people investing in anonymous cryptocurrency changed in just 24 hours. Soon the price went up by 70,000%. That is, the depositors’ days changed overnight.

We are talking about the Kokoswap cryptocurrency, which has been priced from $ 0.0055 to $ 7.22 in just 24 hours. That is, the investors weighed in just 24 hours. cryptocurrency was trading at $ 6.44 to 5:32 pm with a slight decrease in prices. Tell you what, the cryptocurrency market is 2 billion dollars.

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The value of this Digital currency has seen significant fluctuations over the past few days. The price of Kokoswap went from $ 6 to $ 0.01017 on November 8 only. Now the prices have gone up again. If you are hearing this cryptocurrency name for the first time, then let us know that this cryptocurrency supports most NFT applications. It also helps celebrities launch NFTs.

Will Cryptocurrency Be Banned in India?

The Reserve Bank on Wednesday again raised the issue of crypto currency. The central bank says crypto currencies pose a serious threat to economic and economic stability. Reserve Bank Governor Shaktikanta Das at the event reiterated his decision not to allow cryptocurrencies, saying that money is not coming under the control of central banks’ rules. In that case, it is a serious risk to any financial system. Das’ remarks come ahead of a Reserve Bank committee report on cryptocurrencies. The report is expected next month.

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