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COP26 | The participants discuss the preparation


COP27 and COP28 will take place in Egypt and the UAE respectively.

The 2022 edition of the Conference of the Parties, or 27th COP, will take place in Sharm-El-Sheikh, Egypt and the 28th edition in 2023 will take place in the United Arab Emirates, the Council decided even as a final agreement. completion of COP26 became impossible until the time of publication.

The ongoing COP26 in Glasgow is expected to end Friday evening, Glasgow time. However, negotiators from 200 countries continued to discuss canceling the agreement, which is set to begin on Wednesday. At the final agreement, all parties to the agreement must agree on what will be done at the end of the day. This article is a compilation of all discussions from November 1 when COP26 began.

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COP26 will not disclose the agreement as in 2015 when the Paris Agreement began, but is expected to lead to the adoption of the Paris Agreement, which urged countries to take action to keep temperatures below 2C by the end of this century and “pursue efforts to keep them” to 1.5C. Glasgow started to keep the 1.5C target in earnest but a number of challenges and inconsistencies – especially in climate finance – have been a stumbling block.

Developing countries such as India and China are pushing for an acknowledgment from the West that they have not fulfilled previous $ 100 billion annual promises by 2020.

The developed world has promised to do so by 2023-2024, but India and a few low-income and developing countries are looking to raise the 2025 million inputs as well as the damage and damage already done in their countries due to climate change.

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Although most texts are ready, the bones of conflict are often the same verbs that open the passages of the text: “Encouragement,” “Contemplation”, “Notes” like any of them, in UN culture means a special commitment. For example, paragraph 48 states here: “(President) Encourages Parties to Developed Countries to Achieve Targets of USD 100 billion Actively by 2025 and emphasizes the need for transparency in fulfilling their commitments.”

This is considered to be one of the main reasons why developing countries have not had enough in the past with developed countries to deliver on their promises. To date, recent publications have shown 94 such paragraphs.

Monga Hinduism was reported on Thursday, India wants $ 1 trillion over the next decade from developed countries to adapt and reduce global warming problems and have maintained this as a way to achieve what Prime Minister Narendra Modi has promised for the season.

In a statement this evening, Richa Sharma, a member of the Indian delegation, said: “The results of COP26 should show a rapid increase in funding and other measures to help developing countries. We are expanding our voices in support of other parties and groups such as the LDCs who have called for the economic process to continue under the conference; 2025.

Earlier reports also called on countries to “speed up” the withdrawal process, which India and China did not comply with. Although India’s commitment is growing sharply depending on renewable energy over the next decade, it is also expected to double its coal consumption.

“Surprisingly, COP26 is the first time that fossil fuels have been mentioned in a global climate change conference. This shows that the tide is turning to oil, gas and coal companies that have deliberately created climate problems and blocked solutions. But our leaders, especially President Biden, deserve “There is no way to prevent climate change without reducing the causes of climate change,” said Jean Su, Director of the Center for Biological Diversity’s Energy Justice Program, in a statement.

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