Mother-Child Communication: A child who loves his mother very much. She not only relies on her mother for food (milk) but also has a positive emotional relationship. For this reason, the child’s communication with the mother affects his emotional and emotional well-being. at the University of Illinois, USA Learn Accordingly, when a child plays with his mother, the mother and baby respond naturally to each other. This good interaction helps the child to be healthy and emotional. In this study, it was found that the way physical and behavioral responses interact during mother and child play. The results of this study highlight the need for consistent dialogue. The following tips can help provide information to parents, physicians and researchers.

Chief investigator of this study Yannan Hu says that our study tests the physical and practical interactions between women and children in real time as they discuss.

Good results of discussion and collaboration
Researchers have found that the interaction between mother and baby and their current state of affairs is beneficial for their social and emotional development. The following results show that children and mothers have a very positive moral relationship. There women often change body language through communication. Yannan Hu says that whenever women and children agree on the level of behavior, they work together, take turns and this has a positive effect on them. Changes in the baby’s body also alter the mother’s actions.

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wireless electrodes used
In this study 110 women and their children between the ages of 3 and 5 were included. Participants came to the Behavioral Laboratory of the University of Illinois for a performance. At this point he was asked for a 3D photo. The mother and baby worked together to solve the problem. He then turned to another type of toy and played for five minutes. During this time, the researchers prepared mothers and children with cordless electrodes to test their parasympathopathic response to frequent changes in their heart rate, called RSA respiratory sinus arrhythmias (Respiratory sinus arrhythmia).

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An indicator of women’s affiliation is the rise of RSA
Researchers say that positive changes in RSA indicate that mothers and children are more likely to be harmonious and cohesive. The reduction in RSA is often seen when you experience difficulties or difficulties.

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