Washington: चिन की मशूर अवर गिटें के लिए के लिए पर अमेरिकेस ने बाडा हॉटूडा चलाया है है, अच्या है अमेरिके ने है वार्ष्टिल सुर्चान’ का वाला डेटे है चीनी दून्चिन्चार पर के लिए के लिए लागा है. America has banned the sale of communication devices made by five Chinese companies, including Huawei and ZTE. According to the Reuters news agency, the Biden administration has banned the approval of new telecommunications equipment from China’s Huawei Technologies and ZTE because they pose an ‘unacceptable risk’ to American national security.

FCC i.e. US Federal Communications Commission said on Friday, ‘Today we have adopted new rules to restrict communication devices that are considered an unacceptable risk to national security from being authorized for import or sale in America. In addition to Huawei and ZTE, China’s surveillance equipment manufacturer Dahua Technology Company, video surveillance firm Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Company Limited and telecommunications firm Hightera Communications Corp Private Limited have banned the sale of equipment made by the company.

This decision of America means that these five companies will not be able to manufacture goods from China and sell them in America, and their products will not be approved for sale in America. சின் கியை தேக்கு தேக்குக்கு பெர்கியை நியை வாட்டு சாலை है है, जब चिन के साथ उस्के स्भाष्टे अवर भी अधिक भूर्टे जा रहे हैन है. America fears that Beijing can use Chinese technology companies to spy on Americans.

FCC President Jessica Rosenworsel said in a statement that these new rules are an important part of our work to protect the American people from national security threats related to telecommunications. However, America refused to comment on this action. इतना ही नहीन, जटी, डहुा, हिकविजन अवर हैतेरा ने भी आस पर कुच भी बोलने से इनकार कर डिया.

In fact, in March 2021, five Chinese companies Huawei, ZTE, Hytera Communications Corp Hikvision and Dahua were included in the so-called ‘cover list’ (which lists both equipment and services) under the 2019 law for the purpose of protecting American communications networks. শ্র্ষ্ট্য়া স্র্ক্তা ক্ত্র্তা কানাত This step was supported by both Republicans and Democrats. The FCC has been considering banning all devices from these companies since June 2021.

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