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China sent three astronauts to the space station

China is trying to compete with America in the area of ​​space. For this reason, he is building a space station. China on Tuesday sent three astronauts to its under-construction space station amid fierce competition with the United States. Shenzhou-15 spacecraft was launched from Jiuquan satellite launch center in north-western China. There are three astronauts in it – Fei Junlong, Deng Qingming and Zhang Lu.

CMSA’s assistant director Ji Kiming told the media that he will be the commander of the mission. This launch was carried out by the ‘Long March-2F’ rocket. The crew will be in the orbit for a period of time, in which the construction of the space station in the lower orbit is expected to be completed. This is the third human mission sent by China to its space station.

اكيلا space station والا دهس hoga China

After its completion, China will be the only country with its own space station, because Russia’s international space station (ISS) is a collaborative project of many countries. According to the plans announced by China in the past, the space station is expected to be completed by the end of the year. China Space Station (CSS) के रूस अग्यार ISS का एक के के के लिए होने की भी अमेरी है है. Observers say that in the coming years, after the retirement of the ISS, the CSS will become the only space station in orbit.

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