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Doctor treating corona patients (symbolic)

Corona Infection in China: चिन ने को रोना को लेकर अब तक का सैबे है। According to estimates by the government’s top health authority, Bloomberg reported that about 37 million people in China could be infected with Kovid-19 in one day, making the country’s worst outbreak in the world so far. According to an internal meeting of China’s National Health Commission held on Wednesday, in the first 20 days of December, approximately 248 million people or approximately 18 percent of the population are likely to be infected with the virus.

Bloomberg pointed out that if it is correct, the transition will break the previous daily record of approximately 4 million established in January 2022. Fortune reported that Chinese officials and companies are allowing Kovid-positive people to return to work to keep the economy running, even though Kovid has seen a major surge. The authorities of Zhejiang province announced on Sunday that those who have positive reports will not show any symptoms. Then on Monday, one of the largest manufacturing centers in China, Chongqing, refused to allow people with mild symptoms to return to the office without testing.

Kovid positive patients can not be tested without testing

In Beijing, city officials said that the Kovid-positive patients who are in home isolation can return to work without testing, unless they have a fever. Fortune said that before this a negative test report was required to come out of home isolation. Factories are also trying to prepare their employees for the Covid wave. On December 12, Kin Lihong, the president of electric-car manufacturer Nio, told reporters that the company had sent a truckload of medicines and equipment to the factory to prepare well. Some manufacturers use a closed-loop system, where employees strictly control the movement of the site, so that the infection can be controlled. Fortune reported that companies such as Tesla had used these systems to keep factory lines running during previous Covid outbreaks and lockdowns.

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