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Children’s Day 2021: November 14 is ‘Children’s Day’ meaning ‘Children’s Day’. Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister was born today. Also known as Chacha Nehru. Chacha Nehru was very fond of children. In a ‘Children’s Day’ celebration, each parent uses a variety of strategies to make their child feel special. On this special day, you can teach kids a lot by showing these Bollywood movies.

Taare Zameen Par

tare zameen pa

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Stars on Earth

This film is a very important film for children and their parents. It has been shown in the film that every child is unique, there is something special in it. This is a story about a child who suffers from a mental illness and is weak in education and is always criticized but his skills are very good. One of her teachers helps her find her real strengths, which are played by Aamir Khan.

I have a Kalam

The winner of the Neel Madhav Panda World Award winning video ‘I Am Kalam’ should be shown to every child. This article is about a child who wants to learn English, go to school, and become an adult to support his family. This video will be very inspiring for children.

Stanley Box

Amol Gupte’s Stanley Ka Dabba movie is interesting and tells a touching story. We often forbid children to do certain things, but we do the same. You can show this movie to kids.


You can also show a spider to your children on Children’s Day. Your children will love this movie.

silence only

The film is from a poor mother and daughter. The mother works in the house to get the daughter to read and write, but the child thinks that whatever the mother does, she will do the same. A mother strives to bring her dead daughter’s dead dreams to life. The film states that the death of a dream is very dangerous and there is no greater pain than the death of a human dream. Swara Bhaskar has given a commendable job in this regard.

chillar party

The secret story of a group of innocent children who oppose politics and save the life of a street dog. The film touched the hearts of many as the children enjoyed the humorous moments and the adults appreciated his message.


Udaan is one of Bollywood’s top movies. The film highlights the differences between children and parents. The film depicts parents often overreacting to their children in order to teach them discipline. Children need to be disciplined, not superficial. The film tells the story of one such father and his sons.


The film is about a deaf and dumb boy, who dreams of playing cricket for an Indian Cricket team. He had no equipment. His father also strongly opposes playing cricket, but he does not give up and has a dream come true.


film i


Movie Ludzu

The film is based on the life of a young man and his donkey. Eight-year-old Tahan lives in Kashmir with his grandparents, mother, and sister. They all hope that Tahan’s father will return one day. After the death of his grandfather, zamindars confiscated his family property. Accordingly, Tahani’s donkey was also taken by Biribal because Tahani’s family owed him money. Tahan’s life is difficult without Birbal. His only goal in life here is to restore Birbal.


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