Chief Executive Officer 15 | Salman Khan’s outrage over what Prateek Sahajpal said, watch the video

Everyone is looking forward to this week’s episode of the popular ‘Bigg Boss’ show. In this episode, show director Salman Khan is seen taking classes from rivals in the house. In this week’s episode, Salman Khan appeared angry at the issue of Contestant Prateek Sajhpal.

The ad is shared on a Colors TV TV account, in which Salman Khan, who co-hosted the show, appears to be criticizing Prateek Sahajpal. According to the promo, Salman Khan told Prateek Sahajpal, “Pratik, I have never been through this line. What were you telling Rajiv? What should I joke about? You will cry in two seconds. You will cross the line. If I were with you, I would ask you to leave this house.

The performance of the performers in which the contestants this week suggests they have to face the criticism of the show’s director. Umar is the housekeeper at the moment, offering a variety of kitchen services to competitors including cooking, chopping vegetables, cleaning dishes. As soon as Umar asks Prateek to do any work, Prateek refuses to do so, after which a fight ensues.

Prateek asks director Umar and in response Umar calls him ‘bahchi’ and asks him to go and cook. Although the two are in a relationship, the conflict has caused anger between them. Umar asks Prateek to give his opinion on each issue and Umar asks Prateek to clean the laundry room.

Umar starts abusing Prateek, and then an argument breaks out between the two of them. The struggle between the two was not to take the name of peace. Later, the relatives were not allowed to fight. Speaking of the contestant’s rival, Prateek Sahajpal, in the final episode, there was an argument between him and Umar Riaz.


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