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Chhath puja 2021 surya temple ku bihar aungari dham punyark sun temple ndi dev surya temple


Surya Temple

Chhath Mahaparva is at its peak in Bihar at the moment and the decorations of the Ghats and temples around here add to the beauty of the festival. Lord Surya is worshiped mainly in Chhath. Let us tell you that there are many temples of Lord Surya in Bihar. Learn about some of the special temples during the Chhath period.

Punyark Sun Temple

The Punyark Temple located in Pandarak in the state of Patna is a very holy place. This is the only solar system set up along the Ganges River. Thousands of volunteers come here from as far away as Chhath. It is believed that by performing Chhath Puja in the Punyark temple, skin diseases were cured.

According to tradition, the temple was erected by the son of Lord Krishna Samba. He did this to remove the curse.

Chhath Puja 2021: Do not make this mistake at all on Chhath Puja, it will have its consequences.

Aungari Sun Temple
The temple is located at Aungari in Nalanda, Bihar. It is believed that the ancient temple was built in the third century BC.

Built on the edge of a well-known pool, this temple is a symbol of Bihar culture and art. The uniqueness of this temple is that the devotees give Arghya to the Sun God in a special form with the hope of fulfilling their needs. During the Chhath Puja ceremony, people come from far and wide to present Arghya to the Sun God.

Dev Surya Mandir
The temple was built on the Dev site in Aurangabad district in Bihar. This solar temple is located west of the west, which was built through stone carving through fine craftsmanship.

The temple is said to be a Dwapar carpet built by the son of Lord Krishna Samba. It is also said that in this place, Dev Mata Aditi meditated here to find amazing children.

Usually, volunteers come here every day, but at Chhath’s ceremony, there is a large crowd of volunteers.

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