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Chhath Puja 2021 do not make these mistakes during chhath puja vrat: Chhath Puja 2021


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not to mention this during chhath puja vrat

From today is the beginning of the Surya Shashthi diet. Chhath Puja, which is included in the major festivals after Deepawali, has a very special meaning. The Chhath Puja fast is mainly for children’s longevity, family happiness and development, good health and the desired results. This Chhath Puja festival celebrates a full four days.

Chhath Puja On the first day there is a bath and dinner. Fasting is broken after giving Kharna on the second day, Arghya to the Sun on the third day and Arghya on the Sun rising the next day during Arunodaya.

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For this great festival, which lasts 4 days, along with worship according to the rules, certain rules must be followed. Fasting is very difficult, the rules are very strict. Find out which rules are considered necessary for Chhath Puja.

  1. Great care should be taken in the cleanliness of Chhath Puja. Therefore, nothing that worships should be done without proper hygiene.
  2. Women who follow this fast. He should not lie down on a bed or in a bed for four days, but he should lie down on a stretcher.
  3. It is considered very important to give Ardhya to God the Sun. Therefore, the silver, metal, and plastic utensils should not be used in worship. Use a copper ball regularly.
  4. According to tradition, onions and garlic come under the Tasmic category. Therefore, it is forbidden to eat both of these four days. So stay sattvik for all 4 days.
  5. Nothing to eat in preparation for prasad. If you do this then your donation may be false.
  6. The place where you make Chhath Prasad. Be careful not to cook food there. Along with this, use a new clay stove.
  7. If you have observed fasting, do not eat water or anything other than giving Ardhya to the Sun.
  8. A person should not eat fruit on worship days. Fruits can be eaten after worship.
  9. Do not harass anyone, do not fight or fight for four days of Chhath Mahaparv. Maintain peace in your household.

Chhath Puja 2021: Send this message to your friends and loved ones on Chhath, I wish you all the best

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