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Pay special attention to the lips in the winter

In winter, due to the cold wind, the moisture of the lips is not retained. As a result, the lips begin to crack and appear dry. As a result, facial expressions disappear. Apart from this, due to the rupture of the lips, there is also the problem of bleeding or fever. This is why the lips need special care in the winter. If you want your lips to be soft and fluffy in winter, then some habits should be incorporated into your daily routine. Let’s find out about it.

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Pay special attention to the lips in the winter, bring these habits as usual

put these things in the ark

You can use desi ghee, coconut oil or mustard oil to keep your lips soft. Before going to bed, place two drops of oil of your choice on the navel. By doing this your lips will not break.

body hydrated

Thirst quenches winter. In such cases, some unknowingly drink too little water. As a result, the body and skin cannot be hydrated. The lips also dry out. If you drink a lot of water even in winter, then this problem can be avoided.

having a healthy diet

Good nutrition gives you good health. Ruptured lips can be avoided by taking foods rich in vitamins A and B in the diet during the winter. Regular consumption of green leafy vegetables, milk, ghee, butter, fresh fruit and juices can be beneficial.

flower petals

The rose petals can be used to keep the lips healthy and soft. This is also easy. For this reason, you apply a layer of dessert leaves rose to the lips regularly for a while. You will see the difference.

Add cream, sour cream or butter

Rub the cream, cream, butter or desi ghee on the lips with light hands for a while. This will keep the skin soft. If you want today, you can also use a lotion or antiseptic cream when you go to bed at night.

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