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Things to know when buying luxury watches

buying luxury watches

Things to know when buying luxury watches

Through Forbes, I have read an article that talks about important questions when buying luxury watches. The truth is that the point of view that it gives us is interesting since the same thing happens in the world of watches as in many other sectors. You have to be careful when you want to buy an expensive watch, whether it is a wristwatch or not, to know what you are really buying.

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If you go to department stores to buy a luxury watch

Many times you realize that the person who attends you more than watchmaking. To knowledge what they have the knowledge, and this knowledge generally focused on generalist products. So if you have studied certain models before going to the store, surely you know more about the watches they teach you than the salesperson himself.

If instead of going to buy a watch in a department store, you usually go to a jewelry store, what happens is that the jeweler is more interested in the benefit that he will obtain than in offering you the most suitable watch for your tastes and lifestyle. And this happens because luxury watches are treated as jewels when in reality they are much more than that.

First of all, a luxury watch is a jewel, but a jewel full of technology. It is not comparable to a beautiful ring or pendant that yes, no matter how much it has a great design and hours of setting and polishing, it will never have the infinity of small pieces that a watch contains. Not to mention that the innumerable pieces have to dance in a millimeter dance to be the more exact the better.

So if you are going to spend a relatively high price on the purchase of your watch, it is best to always approach a specialized watchmaker so that at least, in addition to thinking about the benefit, something logical and commendable, they also know the machinery that you are going to carry. on your wrist.

Things you should ask before buying your luxury watch

One of the important things is to know the year of manufacture of the watch and when the model we are asking for is on sale. If the luxury watch is manufactured in the same year, it will have a higher price.

If the seller tells us that it has been manufactured in previous years. They will mean a reduction in the final price compared to more current models. If you think about it, it is logical.

A watch model from past years will surely have different technology. Then the current ones and will not include the improvements that the manufacturer may have added. As well as, the correction of small details both in operation and in accessories. Belt loosening, clasps that don’t work as well as they should, etc.

Ask about the equivalent watch

Ask about the equivalent watch models of other brands. To make sure the best in terms of performance and materials. Then you can choose if you prefer the Rolex, Cartier watch brand or other exclusive watch brands.

Find out about the maintenance price of the watch. The watches require cleaning every so often. The internal mechanism can suffer wear over the months if proper cleaning and lubrication are not carried out. Think of a watch as a car. As time goes by, your parts rub against each other and need a fine-tuning to continue. They maintained the same performance as the first day.

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