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Many IPOs were listed in the stock market in November. This includes the IPO of Bikaji Foods International Limited. इस IPO ने लिस्टिंग के दिन ही इन्सेवर को बंपर फ़ोटो दे दे दीय. अब भी यह शेरे अपने इस्टेवर को मालामाल कर रहा है.

What is the share price: Bikaji Foods’ share price was 385.70 rupees. 5 per cent rise in shares compared to one day earlier. This trend is seen in such a time when the company held a meeting on December 28. According to the information provided by the company, TATA Asset Management Private has a virtual meeting with its executives. However, there is no proposal to share sensitive information in this meeting.

share of all time high: This share touched an all-time high of Rs 446.85 on November 29. At the same time, on November 18, the share price was 303.05 rupees, which is the lowest level. However, the share is below the issue price of the IPO.

What was the issue price: Bikaji Foods had set an issue price of Rs 285-300 per share for its Rs 881 crore IPO. शेरे में लिस्टिंग के दिन आच्च चेश चेस्ट की तेजी रही रही. Bikaji Foods’ share was listed on BSE at Rs 321.15. At the same time, the company’s shares in the NSE opened at 322.80 rupees with a 7.6 percent increase. बाता देवन की Bikaji Foods भुजिया, पापड़ उच्य मैतिहा ज़े खोने का सामान है.


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