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Bigg Boss’s recent sale 15 Shamita Shetty and Afsana break the law Big Boss did not provide food


Photo source: TWITTER / COLORS TV
Big Boss 15

In ‘Bigg Boss 15’, before the final race begins, something will happen in the house where the householders may be tempted to eat. The special thing is that as a result of this there will be two house opponents Shamita Shetty and Afsana Khan.

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The video was shared by Colors on a legitimate Twitter account. The film, in which it is written, ‘The fight in the house for food began with the punishment of Bigg Boss. How far will the turmoil go? ‘

In this promotional video you will see that Afsana Khan is sleeping. At the same time, work is under way in the Gordon area, where food and drink are plentiful. After this, ‘Bigg Boss’ tells relatives -‘ After sleeping at this time, Shamita was found speaking in English. This is what the ‘Bigg Boss’ stands for this because of repeated transgressions. Now you do not get any chance to get the ration items. In the promo you will see that his teammates were shocked to hear of Bigg Boss’s punishment. After a while everyone starts arguing.

Big Boss 15

Photo source: TWITTER / COLORS TV

Big Boss 15

Jai Bhanushali tells everyone that ‘Now how about a week in a packet of flour and a few potatoes and onions.’ After this he tells Afsana angrily- ‘How many times has Afsana told you not to sleep. What happened to Shamita? ‘ Shamita was furious when she heard Jai’s insult. He says angrily- ‘Take all my food. I won’t eat anything for the whole week. ‘

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After this Shamita tells Rakesh Bapat that ‘I am the only one who speaks English in the whole show. Others should be mentioned who speak English. In this case, Jai states that ‘I had to take action because there is no wheat in the house.’ At that, Shamita angrily says, ‘What can I do?’

On the other hand, Afsana is crying and angry with all the family members. She also commits suicide. Now it should be noted that ruckus occurs indoors without food.

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