senior manager 15In ‘Weekend Ka Vaar Mein’ Salman Khan He was also seen surprising the competitors. The star of ‘Bunty Aur Babli 2’ arrived at the scene aired on Sunday. Salman Khan was particularly pleased with Rani Mukerji, Siddharth Chaturvedi and Sharvari Wagh. Salman danced to the song ‘Teri Chunariya’ by Rakhi Mukherjee. They both just thought of the words spoken on the subject.

Work for domestic competitors

Siddhant Chaturvedi and Sharvari Wagh come on stage. Siddhant is thrilled to see Salman Khan. Seeing this Salman is hugging her. Sharvari enters the house with Siddhant and organizes the work of the members. In this case, the contestants had to pour mud on each other, in the crowd. Neha Bhasin started taking the name Karan Kundra and is said to have a lot of gossip in the house. Taking Neha’s name, Karan said he was the ‘Less Needed Competitor’. Neha and Karan start arguing over this. The conflict escalates to the point where Karan calls Neha a vamp.

Salman’s Advice to Shamita

In a break this week, Salman Khan announced that there would be no removal. Rakesh Bapat was evacuated due to medical reasons. He tells them that Rakesh is not coming back to the show now. Rakesh’s girlfriend Shamita heard this and started to cry. Salman explains to Shamita and tells her that she needs to play alone.

Shamita began to cry

After Salman Khan leaves, Shamita grieves and begins to cry. He says’ Rakesh should not have come to the show. It’s a little gray. When they go, at least they stay together and fight. What? ‘The boss knew he was leaving and did not tell me.’ Neha explained that Rakesh was very ill. In that case, it is best for him to leave the show. Let us tell you that Sunday was the 105th day of ‘Bigg Boss 15’.


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