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Bigg Boss 15 Pratik Sehajpal pushes Umar Riaz during the war Will producers remove him from the show – Entertainment News India


senior manager 15 In the house of Bigg Boss 15, Prateek Sahajpal showed off his Angry Young Man role on the very first day. Prateeks who do wrong on everything are a target for relatives. In the upcoming episode of Big Boss 15, Prateek Sahajpal’s outrage will now come out on the house’s new captain, Umar Riaz. A new promotion for the show has taken place, with Prateik and Umar arguing over household chores. The conflict between the two has escalated to such an extent that Prateek Sahajpal is furious and pushes Umar Riyaz too hard.

Prateek told Omar the owl belt

In this promotion, Prateek Sahajpal states that if Umar Riaz is the captain, it does not mean that he will be in control of everyone. Umar Riaz also points fingers at the Prateek Sahajpal family in the fight. Prateek Sahajpal, trembling with rage, calls him an owl. Even then, the matter was still under discussion. Umar Riyaz cites such things as signs that make him push hard.

Will Prateek be homeless?

The rule of Bigg Boss house is that no one can raise their hand against anyone here. If we look at the history of the show, then the person who does it has always been shown. In that case, the question arises as to whether Prateek Sahajpal is coming out of the show? It can happen again Salman Khan Leave at Prateek Sahajpal with a warning on the Vaar Weekend.

The three guests will come to the show

Three guests will appear at the Salman Khan exhibition at the Vaar Weekend. Rani Mukerji, Karthik Aryan and Vidya Balan will make a lot of noise with their rivals by coming to the show. Everywhere, Bigg Boss’s audience will be thrilled.

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