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Bhuvneshwar Kumar shares first photo of his daughter with his wife nupur nagar – Latest Cricket News – Bhuvneshwar Kumar shared first photo of his daughter with his wife, fans asked


Indian team pacer Bhuvneshwar Kumar became a father last month after his wife Nupur Nagar gave birth to a daughter. The day after the wedding day, the day became very special in Bhuvneshwar when the house was restored. Now she has shared a photo of her daughter with fans for the first time by sharing the photo. Although she did not share her daughter’s name with the fans and that is why fans also ask what they have given her a name.

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Grief over the father’s departure eased because of his daughter

Bhuvneshwar’s father Kiran Pal Singh passed away on May 20 this year. Her father died of chronic liver problems. He took VRS to work and became ill for a long time. He also did well on chemotherapy in Noida and Delhi. Bhuvneshwar Kumar was shocked by the death of his father, which also affected his game. Now after the birth of a daughter, there is much rejoicing in the family, which is why the grief of the father’s departure is lessened.

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Bhuvi averages against New Zealand

Bhuvneshwar recently took part in three T20 home matches against New Zealand. He played all the series matches and took three wickets. Bhuvi is not part of the Indian team that toured South Africa in a Test 3-match match and that is why he is able to give to his family. Following the end of the Test series against South Africa on January 15, three ODI matches will be played from January 19 and Bhuvneshwar is expected to be selected.

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