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Aryan Khan, the beloved son of Bollywood king Shahrukh Khan, is celebrating his 24th birthday today. At the special ceremony, her cousin Alia Chibba has a special wish. Alia shared a childhood photo on her Instagram account, so it is very beautiful. His sister Suhana is also seen with Aryan in the photo. Alia is also seen sharing the prem with Suhana Khan while Aryan Khan and his brother Arjun Chibba represent him on both sides.



The Story of Alia Insta

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suhana khan insta story

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Wishing Aryan on her birthday, Alia wrote – Happy Birthday to both dear and inspiring couples. Suhana Khan has commented on Alia’s photo. She loved the photo so much that she wished Aryan a happy birthday by rewriting her Insta story with a red heart emoji.

Apart from this, Juhi Chawla also thanked Aryan on his birthday for sharing an unmistakable image of his childhood. Juhi wrote- Happy birthday Aryan, our only wish is that next year may be the same for you, may the Almighty protect you and save you from all suffering. Lots of love. 500 prices in your name. Lots of love from Jai, Juhi, Jhanvi, Arjun.

Aryan Khan was arrested on October 3 for drug trafficking in Mumbai, after which he spent almost three weeks in jail. Along with Aryan, his friends Munmun Dhamecha and Arbaaz Merchant were also arrested. After a few days of litigation, he was able to obtain bail. Shahrukh Khan’s friend Juhi Chawla has a big hand in the Aryan bell. Juhi was present in court for the last time as an Aryan guarantor. Aryan has been a long way from social networking sites since he signed a lakh rupees and spends most of his time at home.

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