In the Anupama series, where a high-tech electronic drama appears on one side, on the other side there are other emotional moments, which the audience feels. However, the upcoming episode will be a little different with all of these things as Anupama has made the biggest decision of her life on the law of her son Samar, knowing what will also see the disunity in Shah’s family.

Anuj feels guilty

So far you have seen Anuj Kapadia reveal this secret in front of everyone that he loves Anupama. Upon hearing Anuj’s words, Anupama and her relatives were amazed. As he reveals his secrets, Anuj regrets that he has made a serious mistake. Meanwhile, Samar explains to her mother Anupama that Anuj loves Mr Shah more than he loves her. Anuj made no mistake, never crossed the line.

Anupama has now embarked on a new journey with Anuj

Now in the next section you will see that Anupama understands Anuj’s love and makes him say thank you. All of these things were seen in the upcoming video of the show. In the upcoming video, you can see that Anuj-Anupama meets. Seeing Anuj, Anupama says I should have asked something. Anuj says – ask what? Anupama says – talk. Anuj says please. After this Anupama says thank you for loving me so much and thanking you from the bottom of my heart. Upon hearing Anupama’s voice, Anuj laughs in his face and laughs as he stretches out his friendly hand. Judging by the show’s prominence, it seems that Anuj’s relationship with Anupama will have a fresh start.


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