Rupali Ganguly, the main heroine of the TV show Anupama, has packed her bags over the weekend. Sharing his new photos on social media, the actor announced he would only be touring this week. In these photos, Rupali Ganguly is seen in a very cool motion. Rupali looks amazing in blue jeans and high heels. In this style, her long ponytail hair looks better, but the fan’s eyes fell on her slippers. This fan has pulled the legs of the players in this way, and he will laugh too.

Rupali wore slips of Rs 300 and a half?

Commenting on the photos of Rupali Ganguly, the lover wrote, ‘Is this the same shoe size of three and a half hundred rupees of Anupama?’ Instead, the Rupali form in Anupama in the series always produces its slips of three and a half hundred rupees for a major project. When they met Anuj Kapadia for the first time, they were wearing the same shoes. In this battle of the night, the star of Anupama’s dream unfolded, after which he went to the dragon and snatched the dragon.

The artist left the show

Rupali Ganguly provides plenty of time for family even within his busy schedule. As soon as Saturday came, the player took a break to go with the family. Not only in reel but in real life, Rupali Ganguly takes care of everyone’s happiness and his style is very interesting to people.

New change to Anupama

Speaking of the modern method of Anupama, today there is an earthquake in the life of Anuj and Anupama. Ever since Anuj mentioned in front of Shah’s family that he wanted Anupama, then the whole story has changed. In the coming days, Babu ji will be seen trying to get both married.

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