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Anita hassanandani thanked ekta kapoor and her husband for writing the post saying she helped deal with the problem of depression


Mumbai: Anita Hassanandani has revealed that she was struggling with depression in her early days on TV. The actress said on Instagram that she was deeply moved by her failures early in her career and artist Ekta Kapoor helped her out. Anita participated in Ekta Kapoor’s show ‘Kabhi Soutan Kabhi Saheli’. He was best known for the show.

After this, Anita appeared in ‘Kuch To Hai’ and ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’. He also worked on ‘Naagin 3’. Sharing a selfie with Ekta and Rohit Monday, November 8, Anita wrote, ‘Ekta !!! You are an example of the powerful female person you created. You are a true friend and a strong and determined woman. Long-term relationships have developed into a relationship in which we can do anything for each other without question.

He also wrote, ‘I remember the days when I was young and hungry, and yet I knew nothing. I was so moved by my initial failures, then you came into my life. Not only did it help me to cope with my depression but it also gave me a fresh start. Not giving up is one of the millions of things I have learned from you.

Anita was introduced to Ekta Kapoor’s show ‘Kabhi Soutan Kabhi Saheli’. (Instagram / anithahassanandani)

Anita recalls the hard times and said, ‘I feel safe for you even in difficult times. You are in every feeling of the world, the future of my life. Calling a friend a friend is easy. They are part of my family and my future.

Anita says to her husband, ‘Rohit! My dear husband with a beautiful dimple, now you are also a great dad! I have been with him in my good and bad, but Rohit has held my hand in any difficulties. We’ve shared many happy moments that have stuck in my heart forever. Ever since I fell in love with Rohit, he has been a great help to me. I know he will always be with me! Rohit is a special person who, like the future, has brought happiness into my life.

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