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Amla Navami 2021 Subh Muhurat importance by Pujan Vidhi Akshay Navami: Amla Navami, know the best time and way to worship


Amla Navami 2021

The importance of Akshaya Navami is mentioned in the scriptures. The work that has been done on this day gives lasting results. It is also known as Ichha Navami, Amla Navami, Kushmanda Navami, Arogya Navami and Dhatri Navami. The virtue of fasting on this day brings happiness, peace, harmony and the fruit of family growth.

Amla Navami There is a law to worship especially Lord Vishnu and the price of jam for the day, as well as the importance of offering prayers and bathing on the day. If possible, go to the bathroom and take a shower. But if you can’t go anywhere, then at home, take a shower by adding a few drops of Ganges to your bath water. This will give you extra fruit.

Vastu Tips: Do not make windows on this side at all, they are considered annoying

Best time for Amla Navami

On November 12, Amla Navami can be worshiped from 6:41 am to 12:05 pm.

give the petha

It is mentioned in the scriptures that on the day of Akshaya Navami, a demon named Kushmanda was killed by Shri Vishnu and after the assassination, Kushmanda’s bell rang out from the demon’s hair. This is why he is also called Kushmanda Navami. In common parlance, Kushmand is called Petha or Dzungu, whose leaves are made. Working ie Petha should be delivered on this day. This gives good results.

Worship the price of jam like this

On this day there is a law to worship the price of jam. If you do not have a tree in your house, then you can worship it on the way to the garden or you can worship it by planting jam in a pot at home, as well as offering Brahmins offerings under it with kindness.

Vastu Tips: Get a window installed east of the house or office, you will find benefits

At Akshaya Navami, wash after leaving all traditional activities at Brahma Muhurta and worship the jam tree with all the rituals. For this reason, first take Akshat, water, flowers in your right hand and solve this quickly according to the mantra-

Adyetyadi amukagotromuk (Speak your gotra) by Mamakhilpapaakshay charitably by kamamokshasiddhi
Shrivishnupreetyartham dhatrimoole vishnupujanam dhatripujanam cha karishye.

After this, sitting under the Amla tree facing East Dusha, worship Shodashopchar with the following words – Om Dhatryai Namah:
After this worship the root of the Amla tree. For this reason, make a stream by taking milk from the lotus and pouring it into the root, giving tarpan to the parents.

Father fathermahashchanye aputra he cha gorinah.
Te Pibantu Maya Dutt Dhatrimulekshay Pay: ..
Abrahmastambparyantam devarshipitrumanava :.
Te Pivantu Maya Dutt Dhatrimulekshay Pay :.

After that, say the word by tying the red thread in the trunk of the jam tree.

Damodarnivasayi Dhatryai Devyai Namo Namah.
Sutrenanen Badhnami Dhatri Devi Namostu te.

After that, make the aarti by lighting the incense and the jam lamp. After this, round the price of jam at least 108 times with the mantra.

That is, Kani Ch Papani Janmantarkritani Ch.
Tani sarvani nashyantu pradakshinapade pade.

After this, feed the Brahmins and give them to Dakshina according to your choice. Wealth, clothing, gold, soil, fruits, seeds and so on should be kindly donated. If you want parental peace, donate fur coats to the Brahmins today. You will get more benefits from this.

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