Texans ke El Paso city, night-to-night river crossing
2,600 people crossed the border in 24 hours, ie Friday-Saturday
The group of Nicaragua has helped the American president who helped Biden

Washington: A large group of hundreds of travelers illegally entered the US-Mexico border in the city of El Paso, Texas. In the El Paso sector, 2,600 people successfully crossed the border in 24 hours (Friday-Saturday). Before crossing the border, the Mexican police took about 20 buses full of travelers from Mexico City to Ciudad Juarez and dropped them off at several NGOs. प्रावासी फिर गार सक्रीय रोगुण की मादाद से रियो ब्रावो नादी तक शैच गेये अवर अध्य रुप से अल पासो गैण गेये.

بدر تب پار کیا گیا هی جاب تیتل 42 ک روپ من جانا جانه والا عدس خمیل هون هو هی. This order was issued to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This order allows the authorities to send those who have claimed asylum to the United States and the foreigners who have been caught in Mexico or other countries. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said on Monday, “The team is really working hard to manage the end of Title 42. “

According to the Reuters news agency, the migrants, carrying bags in their arms and children on their backs, went down a river to cross the border from Ciudad Juarez in Mexico to the United States.

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