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Air Purifier sales are rising while pollution levels are rising

New Delhi: Room cleaning companies have seen a huge drop in sales between the amount of pollution in Delhi and surrounding areas. As of last year, this year as well as sending Diwali air cleaners manufacturers Manufacturers expect their sales to increase after Diwali this year. Currently, the country’s air purification industry has exceeded Rs 500 crore. Northern India including Delhi-NCR is one-fourth of all commodities sold.

With the introduction of new models this season, air purification companies are said to be protected not only from fresh air but also from the risk of SARS-CoV-2 virus. Margin R Shroff, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Eureka Forbes, told PTI, “We are confident that our new products will make a significant contribution to the market in 2021. Most importantly, this will help thousands of customers around the world.

Without giving figures, he said the company’s sales had risen by 30 percent compared to last year. Mahesh Gupta, Founder and Chairman, Kent RO said the company has already seen an increase in sales this season compared to last year and expects the increase to continue until the end of winter.

He added that in the past 70 percent of Kent’s air cleaners’ sales were in Delhi NCR, but this year their demand has increased from other cities. Air pollution in Delhi is very close. With this in mind, the Delhi government on Saturday announced several emergency measures, including one-week school closures.


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