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Aiims bibinagar guidelines advise asymptomatic and mild-tempered coronary patients may stay home from isolation dlpg


New Delhi. Once again the number of Kovid cases is seen across the country, but if you look at corona at the moment, you will find that the number of patients who have recovered instead of patients is much higher. Along with this, Kovid patients with mild symptoms do not need to be hospitalized. Most patients recover at home, knowing about the disease during a few symptoms of Kovid, we can avoid its complications. This will have two advantages, one is that we will be able to avoid the harmful effects of Kovid, secondly, it can reduce the burden on patients in hospitals, so that more patients can get to the hospital if needed.

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Director of Bibinagar Dr. Vikas Bhatia He says even in Kovid’s case, we need to show restraint and patience. This time many patients with Kovid’s debilitating and debilitating symptoms are appearing. If a Kovid report of a family member or relative is found to be problematic, isolate yourself, two or three days’ fever can be cured with simple preventative measures. There is no need to panic even if you are found to be HIV positive, identify your symptoms and follow the revised isolation guidelines provided by the government. In Kovid’s second wave, it appeared that even low-risk patients came to the hospital for treatment, as a result of which the poorest and most vulnerable patients were unable to get beds in the hospital.

Dr. Bhatia says that if patients with mild or moderate complications follow government guidelines at home instead of going to the hospital, then patients with a serious condition may have access to hospital beds. This will reduce the burden on hospitals. Dr. Vikas Bhatia stated that for the past one and a half years, a request has been made to comply with Kovid’s compliance. Many people here are also accustomed to covid behavior. This time we must follow the same pattern. Leave the house only if necessary, wash your hands often with soap and water in the living room, avoid getting into crowded places, and when you leave the house, cover your face with a good mask. Even if you enter the house from the outside, remember that the affected items should be sterile, continue to change the mask regularly. Our Kovid pursuit of disease prevention will also protect us this time around.

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