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Adults without a Corona vaccine may have little chance of agreeing with ICU doctors


New Delhi. Corona virus continues to plague the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 17 lakh new corona people have been found around the world in the last few days. In that case, the question arises whether the vaccine has no effect on cloya sleep. Although scientists have previously stated that vaccination is not a 100% guarantee of protection from the corona, recent findings confirm that people who take the vaccine have fewer corona symptoms. Doctors in Britain say that none of the coroner’s patients who have been hospitalized have been vaccinated. That is, people taking the vaccine should not be allowed in the ICU.

Only people who do not have the vaccine should be admitted to the ICU
Dr David Hepburn, a physician in charge of intensive care at Grange University Hospital in South Wales, UK, said that of all the people who had been admitted to the ICU at his hospital so far, no one had been vaccinated. Considering the prevalence of corona infection in Britain, the hospital reopened four months ago in November. Dr David Hepburn said no such person lying in the ICU of his hospital had been vaccinated. They were all vaccinated. He said that at present there is only one person in the ICU in my hospital who is not vaccinated.

60 percent in the UK in the ICU without vaccination
Of those with coronary heart disease in England, only 9 percent have to go to the ICU. According to statistics, 60 percent of these people have not been vaccinated. This is the situation in Britain where many people over the age of 18 have been vaccinated. Only some people do not have the vaccine. To reduce Omicron’s existing diversity, the Ministry of Health has asked everyone to take an extra dose. However, over the past three days, corona cases have dropped by 45 percent in Britain. On the other hand, the WHO has warned that half of Europeans will be infected with the Omicron virus in the next two months.

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