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A woman wins more than 5 crore rupees after receiving Covid-19 vaccine knows more – Business News


To prevent the epidemic of Kovid-19, Kovid vaccination is taking place worldwide, which is a corona vaccine. This is why almost all countries are bringing new products to inform their citizens and encourage them to receive the corona vaccine. Recently there was a story from Australia that changed when a woman was vaccinated. An Australian woman has become a millionaire after winning the Australian COVID-19 vaccine lottery.

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According to a Daily Mail report in Australia, 25-year-old Joan Zhu took part in the million-dollar vaccine lottery last month. The lottery was set up by a group of 20 donors and organizations to raise the prices of COVID vaccines. About 27,44,974 Australians registered Million Dollar Wax from 3,600 postcodes. Participants in the lottery had received a single dose of COVID-19 vaccine as of October 31.

Among the millions, Zhu became a millionaire all night in fine art. He won the AU $ 1million lottery or ₹ 5.4 crore per vaccine. Zhu fails to acknowledge this life-changing experience. Zhu told Daily that someone called me the other day … I think it was a Friday, and I was at work, so I could not call. a million dollars! You are alone in Australia.

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The Million Dollar Vaccine website crashed when the lottery began in early October. The lottery attracted 350,000 subscribers in the first 24 hours. In the Australian Lottery, prizes in excess of $ 4.1 million have been awarded to the top 3100 lucky winners.

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