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A woman throws hot soup in front of a restaurant manager after a controversial video goes viral in Sankri


The girl ran away and threw soup into the manager’s mouth (Photo- YouTube)

Today a video from Texas, America is being broadcast on television. He was detained at a Mexican restaurant in Texas (Video From a Mexican Restaurant). One girl who came to the restaurant to get some soup suddenly threw all the soup on the manager’s face (Hot Sprinkle Spray on His Face).

Restaurants take great care of their operations. Their main goal is to make customers happy. If you go to a good restaurant, then a lot of it happens there for the customers. But if even after this, if there is no customer satisfaction, then they are treated differently and enjoyed. But restaurants often encounter a lot of rude customers. These customers express their frustration to the staff at the restaurant. One such video is making great strides in the media these days.

The film was filmed in the Mexican Restaurant (Video From Mexican Restaurant) in Texas, USA. ” At the beginning of the video, it appears that a girl approached a local manager, and the customer had an order for a soup smeared on her hand. Customer Complaints The soup was so hot that the lid of the sauce melted away, a customer complained to the restaurant’s manager, Janelle Broland, as she poured the soup into her boss’s mouth.

Supervisor Janelle Broland later told a client that she was always arguing with him. He tries to calm the customer. His boss asked him to replace him. But he was not ready to listen to anything. Finally, in the midst of their argument, he threw the soup into the employer’s face. Superintendent Janelle Broland said, however, the soup had cooled by then. Because of this his face did not burn. But her eyes began to glaze over with the spice in the soup.

The girl ran away after throwing the soup at her boss. But he became known on the basis of CCTV footage. The girl is said to be working as a nurse at a nearby hospital. After that, his research began. The public outrage escalated after watching the video. People want to arrest him soon.

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