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A woman jumps into a lions’ den with red flowers and says I love you


There are so many types of crazy people in the world. There is no way to know when to do this. Today, pictures of such a glamorous woman appear on the television screen, obsessed with love and the lion. Driven by her madness, the woman decided to jump into a lion’s den. After this, going very close to the lion, it said Il love you and I miss you (Woman Saying I Love You To Lion). This amazing event took place at the Bronx Zoo in New York, USA.

According to reports, on November 11, a woman came to visit a zoo with her husband. The woman was wearing a red dress and had red flowers in her hand. The woman suddenly jumped into the lion’s den. After this he showed his love in front of the lion. Her husband wrote the account. At that moment, the woman was repeatedly heard saying that I love you like a lion.

The woman jumped into the room with a red dress and a flower

The woman’s husband told the local newspaper that his wife was attracted to the lion. As a result, he jumped into the lion’s den with a flower. However, there was no problem for the woman and she was immediately released. Regarding the incident, the zoo reported that between the woman and the lion there was a wire wall. But he still does something about it because he has broken the law. The barrier that the woman broke was also banned.

a woman jumping in front of a lion that I love you

In 2019, the same thing happened at the same zoo.

Speaking of history, this incident reminds me of what happened at the same zoo in 2019. Even so, one woman jumped into a lion’s den at the same spot. Many who remember what happened said that she was the same woman. Also this time the woman who jumped up came again and again to meet me – she was heard saying. Even most people seemed to agree that this woman was the same. The woman has since been arrested and an investigation is under way.

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