Rose goatmilk barfi, chamomile calming peda, kaju butter cookies, liceos made with besan or a combination of coconut-pumpkin, granola chikki, carob-coconut barfi, gajar ka halwa … Deepavali’s box of good dog products this year is full of good treats. “Many people took their pets for themselves during the epidemic, they were always looking after the health of the animals. There is a lot of compassion for the animals and they want to give the animals something special,” said Tara Ganguly of Delhi.

Tara has been running Dannydoopupcakes cake, ‘bakeries’ dogs for the past year, making nutritious and snacks. This year, as a last resort, he collected candy box sweets following requests from his clients. He started making Great Dane food, looking for other healthy alternatives available on the market.

Her box of goodies is a mixture of sweets and salts, “without the use of sugar or salt,” says Tara. Dannydoopupcakes vegan mithai box contains four different ladoo pieces made from vegetables, coconut and gram powder, granola chikki, barfi, ‘doggy’ paara and hybrid gajar ka halwa seeds, which they say are suitable for human consumption. air because they do not use protective equipment.

The recipes are very carefully made – gluten-free, sugar-free, salty or chocolate, “I spoke to a veterinarian and nutritionist before making this Dannydoo, my pet. I adapted the recipes based on their findings,” he says.

The same goes for Purvi Sawant, who runs the Waggytales Pets Bakery in Mumbai. They have a chart of the foods they can give and those that cannot be given to dogs. For example his ‘barfi’ is made from goat’s milk, instead of tomorrow or the cow, “It makes the food more palatable to animals,” he says.

Waggy Tales Pet Bakery disrupts

Carob is used instead of chocolate and raw honey instead of sugar, other sweets and vegetables such as carrots and pumpkin which are naturally sweet.

“We have to be very careful with the ingredients because often even parents with pets do not know if their pet is compatible with something. I do not use regular flour, but almond, oat or rice flour or preservatives,” says Arushi Shekhar of Simba Barkery at Noida. of the best ingredients she has collected – two cookies and donuts, one cookie and ‘human’ spices. ‘The bakers have proven’ sweet ‘and delicious.

A pet box of your pet this Deepavali?

When last year Purvi made chakli and ladoo, this year he decided to try barfi and peda. Purvi has collected two routes – the Mithai wagon and the Diwali Dhamaka wagon. The result contains, in addition to the ‘sweet’ hemp seed oil.

Dried foods are shipped throughout, except for leftovers such as cookies. There are boxes of vegetables and non-vegetarian, with prices ranging from ₹ 650 – ₹ 1,100. This is available on Instagram.


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