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A man who claims to be a suicidal dolphin has committed suicide after breaking up with his 6-month-old girlfriend


You must have heard many love stories. From Heer-Ranjha to Veer-Zara, their love story inspires people. But after reading the love story we are talking about today, you will be amazed. This is a love story of a man and a dolphin. The man lived like her husband with the dolphins for 6 months. The man says they both re-formed a relationship with Dolphin. After that, after the man ended the relationship with the dolphin, the fish committed suicide due to depression.

Malcolm Brenner, a 70-year-old resident of Florida, USA, has made some interesting observations. The man claimed that in 1970 he had an affair with a dolphin. This dolphin was in the reservoir where Malcolm worked. Malcolm said that at the time he was studying in college. At the watering hole, he met Dolly. After this, Dolly used to work to attract Malcolm to her. Malcolm, who now serves as the secretary, said that he realized that Dolly loved him dearly. Then slowly the two of them approached.

Malcolm said the two soon agreed. They all swam together. Dolly used to spend a lot of time with Malcolm. Gradually, the two began to love each other. In an interview with the Mirror, Malcolm stated that Dolly committed herself to him. According to Malcolm, at first they rejected the relationship, but later a love affair developed between the two of them and soon Malcolm fell in love with Dolly.

a love story with a dolphin

Malcolm revealed her love story in the 2011 Wet Goddess book. The man told her that for 6 months they had all become like husband and wife. But later he broke up his relationship with Dolly. Malcolm claims that Dolphin died shortly after his separation from Dolly. Malcolm considers it a suicide. He wrote in the book that Dolly could not stand the difference. As a result, he committed suicide. Dolly adapuma. As a result, he died.

a love story with a dolphin
Malcolm suffered from depression for some time after Dolly’s death. Although most people were just talking about the story. At the same time, others were amazed at this.

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