The decision to suspend the judge was taken in consultation with other prosecutors, he said.

Bangladesh Superior Court has relieved a female judge of a court of law after she made a series of confusing arguments in her ruling that police should not register a rape case 72 hours after the ruling, according to media reports.

Judge Begum Mosammat Kamrunnahar Nahar of Dhaka’s Seventh Women and Children Repression Prevention Tribunal, presided over the 2017 trial of five teenagers accused of raping two university students at a luxury hotel in Dhaka in the Banani area. Dhaka Tribune reports.

On Sunday, Supreme Court spokesman Mohammad Saifur Rahman told reporters that Judge Kamrunnahar had been removed from office. The Daily Star the newspaper also reported on Sunday.

The decision to suspend the judge was taken in consultation with other senior officials, he said.

“The Supreme Court today sent a letter to the Ministry of Justice to temporarily remove the judiciary and remove him from office and transfer him to the Ministry of Justice and Justice,” it added.

At the trial on November 11, Judge Kamrunnahar acquitted all five defendants, stating that there was no evidence to the contrary: The judge added that it “confirmed that the university students had consensual sex before the incident,” bdnews24.com caught what he saw.

Responding to questions from reporters at the Secretariat on Sunday, Justice Minister Anisul Huq said, “These facts give wrong advice to law enforcement agencies. Therefore, it was necessary to take action against the judge. This will continue in a legitimate manner.” Judge Kamrunnahar will also be given a notice to appear, asking him to explain the reasons for his actions, Huq said.

What he saw sparked a riot in Bangladesh.

“Let me make it clear one thing – I do not want to talk about the decision. But his statement asking the police not to file a case within 72 hours of the rape is illegal, “Huq said.

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said the ruling on Banani rape was an insult to women in the country, Dhaka Tribune the report stated.

The atrocity took place and we have evidence in the case files and in the newspapers. Why, then, have all the accused been acquitted? ” he asked.

On March 28, 2017, the pair were raped in two separate rooms of the Raintree Hotel, according to a Dhaka Tribune reports.

On May 6, 2017, less than a month after that incident, the victims filed a complaint with the Canaanite police.

On June 8, 2017, the police filed a total of five counts of felony criminal mischief. Police completed documenting the case on August 22 this year.


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