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Instagram is making new experiments for better user experience. Instagram has introduced many new features for its users that will work to increase the conversational approach on its platform. This feature will help you build a strong interaction between your close friends. Let us tell you in detail about these features.

notes: Instagram has added a notes feature for its users. This feature allows the user to share a short note in 60 words with text and emoji. For this, go to the inbox, select the audience and post. खास बात ये है ये ये नोट स्टोरीज की तारह ​​24 हैं के उंदर कुद ब चुद जाई हो जाटे हैन.

candid stories: Instagram has added a new candid feature. This feature will remind users to take pictures. This reminder is only for people who share their stories. अन्य लोगों को ये अभुभा दुश्वार नहीं करेगे. You can turn it on or off by going to the setting.

Group profile: Instagram’s new and amazing feature will allow the user to create and join a new profile, through which they can share posts and stories with friends and relatives. जाब भी को की कंटेन पर शरुप पर शारे होगा तो उसे बस ग्रुप मेंबर ही देखें That is, this post will be shared on the individual profile of the user, which will only be visible to some selected people. To make a new group profile, you will have to click on the (+) icon to select the group.

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