digital desk, Kolkata. In view of the fear of the new Kovid-19 due to the increasing epidemic graph in some countries, the West Bengal health department on Saturday published a six-point agenda to take immediate precautionary measures in case of any emergency in the coming days.

Rajya ke health secretary A six-point agenda was prepared in the meeting of the top officials of the state’s health department under the chairmanship of the corporation.

A source familiar with the discussions in the meeting said that a total of 30 samples were collected from 1 government and 3 private hospitals in the state and genome sequencing was carried out. The officials of the foreign department have been told to be in constant contact with the National Institute of Biomedical Genomics (NIBM) in this regard.

The second point of the six-point agenda is to ensure that the ventilators in the Kovid-19 ward of all hospitals in the state are in the right condition, to ensure that they are constantly monitored. The official of the state’s health department said- In view of the current general situation, the Kovid-19 units in many hospitals in West Bengal are not as active as they were during the epidemic two years ago. In the meeting on Saturday, it was decided that instructions will be sent to all hospitals so that they can reactivate their respective Kovid units and be prepared with all necessary measures to deal with any possible emergency situation in the coming days. .

The fourth agenda is to ensure that the entire antigen and RT-PCR test process is full-proof through the immediate purchase of additional one lakh test kits required for this purpose. ससथसथथससससयक दियेनिलयोंयकयकयक दियेदेशदेशदेशदेशदेशदेशदेशयोगी एवंएवंसकसकसकसकसकसकसकसकसकसकसकसकसकयथ आइसोलेटकोीजोंसकसकसकसक आइसोलेटकोशीघसक आइसोलेटएवंसकसकसकयथयथयथयथयथयथयथयथयथकककेयसकसकसकसकसकसकसकसकसकसकसकसकसकसकसकसकसकसकसकसकसकसकसकसकसकसकसकसकसककसकसकसकसकसकककककयककक

The official of the state health department said that the sixth and most important agenda is to immediately contact all the oxygen plants in the state and consider the production capacity in view of the previous experience of the lack of oxygen supply during the peak period of the epidemic last year. करना है


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