New Delhi. In view of the increasing cases of Kovid-19 in China and many parts of the world, precautions have been taken to fight the Corona virus in India, especially on the BF.7 variant. अधिसी विरीटन के चल्टे में चिना में अच्चार खाइण में उचाल आया है. The Union Ministry of Health may once again make the Air Suvidha form mandatory for people coming from China and countries with increasing cases, in which it is necessary to show the report of RT-PCR test and vaccination certificate carried out within 72 hours of travel. .

Experts believe that the coming time may be difficult for China’s population of 1.4 billion. New wave को लेकर चिना का जीरो कोविड रयैया है, जेश्य का नियम का आसोलेट को आसोलेट को उग्या.

After heavy protests in China, the entire country was opened on December 7 and all restrictions on Kovid were removed. At the moment, the test in China is low. According to AP, the hospital’s ICU is full of patients. However, a situation like China will not arise in India. know what’s wrong with it-

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India’s Kovid-19 vaccination campaign
भारत में शुर्थ से ही टिकाकरान के कार्क नियम रहे है है अवर आसे काडाई से लागो की जाया है. The government has taken policy and regulatory measures to encourage the country’s scientists and the private sector in this direction. In India, the entire population was vaccinated on October 1, 2021, and on July 17, 2022, the number reached 2 billion.

India’s vaccine is more effective than China’s
चिन की अबादी को कोरोवाइक वैक्सिन गायी है है है भारत में कोविशिल्ड अॉर कोवक्सिन गाइणी है। According to a study, the shield is more effective in serious infections than the corona virus, especially for elderly people.

China’s vaccine is made on household level and it uses old technology.

भारत की बार्दी अबादी हो चुकी है फोन्फोर
In China, 20 lakh cases of Kovid have been reported so far, while in India, 4.5 crore people have fallen victim to the virus by 2020. Due to the many stages of the infection, there have already been several waves in India due to the different variants of Kovid-19.

भारत देख चुका है उमिक्रोन का BF.7 विरियंट
BF.7 Variant भारत में जुली से है In India, the worst wave of Kovid in 2021 was seen. बाद में भारत में Omicron की लाहर आज जो पहले के हलकी थी.

booster dose
भारत में 10 जानुर्ण से बोस्टर डोज जाजा जा रहा है. 10 অত্র্র কার্য কার্যা ক্র্য ক্র ক্র্য ক্র্য ক্র্য ক্র্যা কান্ত

In China, approximately 60 percent of people have received the booster vaccine, although older people have received the booster vaccine. According to the official Xinhua news agency, 90 lakh people over 80 years old have been vaccinated.

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