New Delhi: Popular video app tik tok ki Chinese parent company Bytedance को लेकर एक अहम अभोरा समें आई है. Some employees of ByteDance were spying on American journalists. Bytedance itself has admitted that some of its employees improperly accessed the data of two American journalists during the summer of this year. However, those employees are not part of the company, because the company has released them. This spy case involved four employees of ByteDance. News Agency Reuters ki report men іs باط کا کوگر های هی.

In a Reuters news report, it was said that ByteDance employees accessed the data of two American journalists earlier this year as part of a failed attempt to investigate the company’s information leak. The purpose of the data access during the investigation of the company’s information leak case was to identify possible connections between the BuzzFeed reporter, the Financial Times reporter and the company’s employees and to find out how internal information was leaked. rahe hain.

िपोटटटटटटटटटगयहैहै के ने पतएडमचकक से, Aगोपनीय आईपीआईपीेसी की, आईपी सेजमचीी से होने होने ककीी संदेह लीक होने ककमची संदेहसंदेह. The New York Times also disclosed that journalists had access to their data. अब इस हुक्षे से अमेरिके स्थाया के बेरे के में शेक्टिक अक्षण को लेकर को के लिए के लिए में में में में में में प्रण्वर्टोन में टिक्टक का पर दिक्टक है।

A person who has knowledge of this matter said that four employees of Bytedance involved in this incident of accessing the data of American journalists have been fired from the company. आवान से डो चीनी थे आउर डो अमेरिकेसिक. The company is taking extra steps to protect users’ data. TikTok’s chief executive Shau Chi Chiu said in a separate email to employees that this kind of abuse is absolutely against the company’s principles.

इस जैसोसी कांड की बादर अमेरे अने बाद बादर अमेरिका में अमेरिका को को गुर्मानी कांद्ध को गुज्ञान कार्ण पर टिक्टक कार्ण के एज़ी है है है है है. Congress is poised to pass legislation this week to prohibit US government employees from downloading or using TikTok on government-owned devices, and more than a dozen governors have banned state employees from using government-owned devices. TikTok has stopped using it.

At the same time, the Financial Times said in a statement that spying on reporters, interfering with their work, or threatening their sources is completely unacceptable. हम प्री अपनि उपनी राष्टी के ताय करेने से पुर्ण इस कहानी की पुर्टार से अध्या करें करेंग. At the same time, Lizzy Grams, spokesperson for BuzzFeed News, said that this incident is a gross violation of the privacy and rights of journalists as well as TikTok users. In addition, Forbes also reported on Thursday that Bytedance had tracked several Forbes journalists.

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