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Pakistan has a conflict on the border with Afghanistan.

At least six Pakistani civilians were killed in the firing by Afghan forces near the border in the Chaman district of Balochistan province on Sunday while 17 others were injured. According to the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) of the Army, heavy weapons including artillery and mortars were used in the firing by the Afghan forces.

six Pakistani citizens were killed in the shooting

The ISPR said in a statement, “Afghan border forces have fired indiscriminately on the civilian population with heavy weapons including artillery and mortar fire.” In the statement, 17 civilians were killed and 17 others were injured in the shooting. According to ‘Sama’ TV ki khabar, the injured have been transferred to a local hospital. بایان من کاه گیا هی کی کی پاکیست ک کے کے کے کے کے کے کے

The government of Pakistan has contacted the Afghan authorities in Kabul in view of the seriousness of the situation and has taken strict action to prevent the recurrence of this incident in the future. गोलिबारी का कारना तक्ताल काला नहीन हो सका है अग्गान पक्स को है डाउना के बेरे में भी अभाया नहीं मिल सकी है.

A bomb blast killed one person in Pakistan’s shopping mall

A person died in a bomb blast in a shopping mall on Saturday in Baluchistan province, Pakistan. आस दमाके में साट अन्य लोगों गयाली हो गाये थे. A senior officer of the local police said that the bomb squad had evidence that a remote-controlled IED was used in this “terrorist attack” in the district of Awaran.

The official of Pakistan Police said, کوک لوگوک کی کلت درک هی.” Adhikari ne kaha ki ek persona ki mout ho gayi hai hai hai hai hai hai hai hai hai hai. The Chief Minister of Balochistan, Mir Abdul Quddoos Bijanjo, condemned the attack and expressed his grief in a statement.

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