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Android Phone Tips

In both Android and iOS smartphones, it is possible to alert trusted friends and relatives in an emergency. अश्वाष्ट का ये शिबारा फैकेष्ट का मुष्टिल हालातों में अपकी करेंट को साथ का अधिकानों के करें हैन हैन है। Let us tell you in detail about this feature.

Emergency location sharing feature kya hai?

An emergency notification is given to the assigned contact before the lock screen of the Android smartphone. In an emergency, you have to press or hold the device’s power button to send the notification to the assigned contact. This feature depends on the phone’s model and its Android version. However, the method of sending alerts in all smartphones is the same.

The emergency location share feature in the smartphone is already available, which allows the user to call emergency number 112 in difficult times. But, the new inbuilt emergency location sharing feature allows the user to share medical information, blood type, health condition, medical report etc. हम आशआश क क इस फीचफीचफीच कइसफीचने ककने कीजने कीजक कीजनेने कीपड़ेनेनेतततततततततततततततकतततनेनेनेनेनेनेनेनेनेनेनेनेनेहैहैहैनेनेनेनेतततततततततत कपड़ेनेतततततनबहुतबहुतबहुत

Let us now show you how to set up the inbuilt Emergency SOS for your location and medical details in an emergency.

1. Press and hold the power button of your smartphone for a few seconds.

2. अब स्क्रीन में निजेश की तराफ नाजर आ रहे बटन पर तप करीय.

3. After that, your smartphone will call emergency number 112. इसको काईसिल कर दीजीजी.

4. अब स्क्रीन पर अन्य अग्योग के साथ नाजर आा रहे मेंडील इन्मार्क के पर के पर करें करें.

5. If you have any medical details in case of emergency, enter them.

6. After entering all the information, click on the “Dan” button.


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